Skopelos Film Festival for Youth 2017

The end of my stay at The Skopelos Foundation as a 2017 artist resident, coincided with the Skopelos International Film Festival For Youth (SIFFY).  I became a scenic artist on 3  films, linked below.   NOTE: these films were written, shot, directed, and acted in, by the children of Skopelos, in 7 days, under the guidance of a crew of international directors.  The theme of SIFFY 2017 was Mother Earth. 

Cate Whittemore 2017 olive grove backdrop
Cate Whittemore 2017 SIFFY ” The Magic Forest”  backdrop
Cate Whittemore / olive grove backdrop
Cate Whittemore 2017  SIFFY  “The Magic Forest” backdrop in the spectacular Skopelos Foundation studio

“The Magic Forest”  ~ the action is animated into this painting.

“Mother Nature Under Attack” ~  FAKE newspaper with  Dimitri as the bad guy@ 1:43-2:00.

Cate Whittemore 2017 Skopelos Newspaper
Cate Whittemore 2017  SIFFY       FAKE NEWS “Mother Nature Under Attack”

“Maria’s Olive Tree” grows from a seedling via my drawings,                  @ 1:40-2:00 .   

“My Beautiful Mistake” ~ I play Mother Earth   





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